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RedOne USA After Shave Cream Cologne – Silver

Our After-shave cream cologne has an enriched formula that soothes, hydrates, and refreshes your skin. It is the best 3 in 1 combination to use after a shave, containing alcohol to soothe the skin, cream to hydrate and moisturize and lastly cologne to leave a long-lasting fresh scent. It will protect your skin from razor bumps, breakouts, and irritation that is common after a shave and leaves your skin soft looking and feeling healthy and refreshed.   Silver - Masculine strong cologne scent great for a night out.

RedOne USA Barber Neck Strips

Made a soft , high quality super absorbent tissue RedOne neck strips is becoming one of our best sellers for barbers. Stretches to fit comfortably around the customer's neck for a comfortable fit to keep the neck area protected and clean.   5 rolls per packet - 100 strips per roll

RedOne USA Black Gel Wax

The Aqua Hair Gel Wax Quicksilver is perfect for those who like the fresh citrus smell and transparent wax. It helps to care for your hair in a natural way avoiding the loss of hair and providing you a lasting strong and great shine. By its natural ingredients, you can wash it off easily with just water. Start taking care of your hair now with the Quicksilver Gel Wax.   Aqua Hair Gel Wax, Maximum Control, 5oz (150 ml)

RedOne USA Blue Hair Wax

The Blue Aqua Hair Wax of RedOne has the perfect formula and fabulous smell that will give you a long-lasting look. It has a fresh smell of bubble gum that you will fall in love with and, the best of all is that it washes off just with water. Kids love too much the great smell that they just don't want to take a shower after using it! Aqua Hair Wax, Maximum Control 5oz (150ml)

RedOne USA Fiber Wax

Since the Fiber wax has quickly become of our best sellers we recently upgraded the bottle to be as big as our other waxes.150 ML! It gives you more for your money.  Unlike our other waxes, this wax is specially formulated to give your hair any style you wish. This formula is designed to give your hair enhanced texture with little to no shine. The intensity of volume and definition it gives your hair is impressive. BIGGER AND BETTER! -150 ml

RedOne USA Full Force Hairspray

RedOne full force hairspray is a new item recently added to our collection. it works great with all hair types. Our super firm spray adds great volume to any look, fast-drying, and most importantly holds hair in place all day. Just like our other product this hairspray has a fresh long-lasting scent and great shine. -500 ml

RedOne USA Gray Quicksilver Hair Wax

The Gray Aqua Hair Wax has been formulated to give you a manly cologne smell with a long-lasting look, leaving your hair with a nice shine and strong hold and the best of all it don't flake. The Gray Aqua Hair Wax is soluble and it washes off your hair and hands with just water.   Aqua Hair Wax, Maximum Control 5oz (150 ml)

RedOne USA Green Matte Hair Wax

For those who like the dry look, we introduce the Matte Hair Wax of RedOne. The Matte Hair Wax has been formulated to give you a clean long-lasting matte look with a perfect strong hold. The Matte Hair Wax has a nice Caribbean fragrance that would make you feel cool and fresh, it's water-soluble so you can wash off your hair and hands easily with just water. Maximum Control Wax 5oz (150 ml)

RedOne USA Hair Gel Silver

Reinvented our formula of hair gel to give you the look you want with the hold you desire. Infused with keratin oils and vitamin A&E to keep your hair looking and feeling healthy. Keratin oils are great for keeping the hair strong and rich. Easy to style with great shine and fresh scent. It provides a perfect hold that will last all day and tame the flyaways. Easy to use on hair types.   -450 ml (15 fl oz)

RedOne USA Mattifying Powder Wax

Mattifying Powder Wax is ideal for adding extra natural volume to any hair type, especially thin hair. With its lightweight formula, it creates body, texture and a matte finish. Providing a great hold with powder form it is also used as a dry shampoo to keep your hair looking great in between washes by absorbing excess oils from the hair.   How to use: Spray powder wax on to hand or directly onto dry hair. Distribute throughout the hair and style as desired. Add as much needed to create any look.   0.28 fl oz