CALIBER .50 CAL Mag Cordless clipper

The Caliber clippers for hair cutting glide flawlessly through the hair strands, producing even and perfectly smooth haircut finish that your clients will surely love! Our cordless hair clippers have metal click lever and comb guards that give every barber and hair professional a precise adjustment system for them to control the cut into their desired length. This 3rd generation hair cutter and grooming tool is equipped with black Diamond-like Carbon fade blade that stays cool, rust-free, and sharper for a longer time so you won't have to constantly buy replacement blades! Every .50 Cal Mag Gen3 clipper and trimmer has smart battery technology that allows the barber or hair professional long hours of constant use in just one charge cycle. It also charges rapidly so there's very little downtime! The Caliber .50 Cal Mag Gen3 Clipper is made of the best and highest-quality materials and is built with high standards to make sure the clipper/trimmer is safe and durable for everyday home and professional use!